Floating Outdoor Theater

New York, NY (1998 - )

This theater is conceived as a temporary outdoor film and performance venue built on a floating deck barge. The barge would be moored at different locations around Manhattan over the course of several summers. The focus of this 600-seat venue is a four-story seating structure comprised of open-air 'theater boxes' which face the stage and projection screen. This seating structure is made from a steel scaffolding system, plank decking, and fabric curtains. The balance of viewer seating is on folding chairs set on the barge deck itself, allowing this area to be cleared at other times for events, dances, exhibitions, etc.

Publications and Awards (partial list)
  • New York Magazine 2001
  • New York Observer 2001
  • New York Times 2000
  • Exhibition: MWA Waterfront Conference 2000
  • Exhibition: Municipal Art Society 1999
  • New York Times 1999